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Global Protein Therapeutics Market Forecast to 2015

by anonymous

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Protein-based therapies have found a prominent place in the biopharmaceutical industry since the launch of human insulin product. They have become one of the most effective clinical methods to treat wide spectrum of diseases, ranging from cancer to metabolic disorders. Despite the post-recessionary impact worldwide causing major slump in the healthcare spending, the protein therapeutics market continued to grow at its retained speed. According to our report, the market still holds tremendous growth potential and it is estimated that by 2015-end, it may reach the mark of US$ 143.4 Billion as new products, especially monoclonal antibodies in the advanced clinical phase, may enter the market.

Our new research report, “Global Protein Therapeutics Market Forecast to 2015”, found that a large number of market players have been developing monoclonal antibodies (mAbs)-based therapies. The mAb products contribute one of the largest shares in the number of protein therapeutic products under pipeline. The report, in this context, gives a comprehensive analysis of the current and future patterns of revenue generation with respect to mAbs and other segments.

Through in-depth and prudent analysis of the developments taking place at the global level, we have observed that the US holds a dominant position in the global protein therapeutics market as the country provides a major proportion of products’ sales. However, our team of researchers has come up with an analysis that the future landscape of the market may find positive developments from the Asian countries as huge patient population and increasing disposable income may turn out to be a win-win condition for industry participants.

Our report takes into account all the key aspects of the worldwide protein therapeutics market and projects the market for the period 2012-2015. It prudently analyzes industry segments in an effective manner by focusing on major players and products, recent developments, application support in terms of indications, geographical performance and last but not the least, current and future market size. Moreover, it summarizes the recent trends which may have an impact on the industry’s future performance. Overall, the report will prove to be a complete source of knowledge and analysis for clients and potential investors.

1. Analyst View
2. Research Methodology
3. Global Protein Therapeutics Market
3.1 Protein Therapeutics Market vs Pharmaceutical Market
3.2 Current and Future Market Analysis to 2015
3.2.1 Market Segmentation
4. Industry Performance
4.1 Monoclonal Antibodies (mAbs)
4.1.1 Scientific Insight
4.1.2 Current and Future Market Analysis to 2015
4.1.3 By Application
4.1.4 Key Geographical Markets
4.1.5 Key Players and Drugs
4.1.6 Recent Developments
4.2 Erythropoietin (EPO)
4.2.1 Scientific Insight
4.2.2 Current and Future Market Analysis to 2015
4.2.3 By Application
4.2.4 Key Geographical Markets
4.2.5 Key Players and Drugs
4.2.6 Recent Developments
4.3 Insulin
4.3.1 Scientific Insight
4.3.2 Current and Future Market Analysis to 2015
4.3.3 By Application
4.3.4 Key Geographical Markets
4.3.5 Key Players and Drugs
4.3.6 Recent Developments
4.4 Interferon (IFN)
4.4.1 Scientific Insight
4.4.2 Current and Future Market Analysis to 2015
4.4.3 By Application
4.4.4 Key Geographical Markets
4.4.5 Key Players and Drugs
4.4.6 Recent Developments
4.5 Human Growth Hormone (HGH)
4.5.1 Scientific Insight
4.5.2 Current and Future Market Analysis to 2015
4.5.3 By Application
4.5.4 Key Geographical Markets
4.5.5 Key Players and Drugs
4.5.6 Recent Developments
4.6 Blood Clotting Factor
4.6.1 Scientific Insight
4.6.2 Current and Future Market Analysis to 2015
4.6.3 Key Players and Drugs
4.6.4 Recent Developments
4.7 Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
4.7.1 Scientific Insight
4.7.2 Current and Future Market Analysis to 2015
4.7.3 Key Players and Drugs
4.7.4 Recent Developments
4.8 Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor (G-CSF)
4.8.1 Scientific Insight
4.8.2 Current and Future Market Analysis to 2015
4.8.3 Key Players and Drugs
4.8.4 Recent Developments
5. Advanced Phase Drugs Analysis
6. Emerging Market Trends
6.1 Strategic Activities Consolidating in the Market
6.2 Effective Delivery Methods: Improving the Reach of Therapies
6.3 Treatments Evolving to Improved Efficacy and Reduced Side Effects
6.4 Multifunctional Proteins: Targeting Future Treatment
6.5 Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Gaining Momentum
7. Key Players
7.1 Johnson & Johnson
7.2 Biogen Idec Inc.
7.3 Eli Lilly & Company
7.4 Sanofi-Aventis
7.5 Merck Serono S.A.
7.6 Roche Group
7.7 Amgen Inc.
7.8 Pfizer
7.9 Abbott Laboratories
7.10 Novo Nordisk

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Global Protein Therapeutics Market Forecast to 2015


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