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Asphalt Shingle Roofing in Maryland During the Winter

by luemadson

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Installing roofing shingles in cold weather is deemed harmful by lots of Maryland professional roofers. Even so, there are instances when those damaged shingles have to be changed as soon as possible; therefore the situation may be unavoidable. Before you perform just that, you should know that asphalt shingles are a bit challenging to put in under the frigid weather.

With the winter months quickly drawing near, numerous are scurrying to prepare their roofing for a long, comfortable Christmas. It's typically recommended to get maintenance and repairs conducted before the very first snowflake is precipitated. But damage can happen even in winter, especially with asphalt shingles. This type of roofing in Maryland residences is put to the test each time a town or city in the state is blanketed in feet of snow.

Thermal activation

For asphalt shingles to fasten to the roofing deck, they have to be exposed to a few weeks of heat. This stimulates their asphaltic sealant that assists to stick the shingles together to form a solid panel of shingle roofing. If you plan on installing shingles in the cold, seal the shingles manually utilizing an asphaltic plastic sealant.

Handle with care

Specialists state asphalt shingles tend to become as breakable as candy when temperatures fall to below 5 degrees Celsius. In Maryland, temperatures descend to below zero around December to February the next year (lowest temperature may reach six degrees below zero all over the spot of Hagerstown). Don't bend, throw, or drop shingles under the absolute cold.

Walking on the roofing

Roofing firms do not recommend handling your roofing system at winter season since the roof can be too slippery with ice. Additionally, foot traffic around lots of icy, frail shingles may cause them to shatter and be blown off the roofing. If it cannot be helped, utmost care is suggested in fixing any roof fracture or gap under freezing environments. If not, you may end up shelling out more on buying replacement shingles from splitting them, than really repairing the hole.

To have more tips concerning fixing asphalt shingle roofing in winter season, speak with the short guide by the Canadian Asphalt Shingle Manufacturers Association at If you need help in dealing with any roofing, call your neighborhood roofer who also gives Maryland siding repairs.

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