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Personal Improvement: The crying need of the day

by anonymous

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The new generation believes in the mantra of personal development. Now a day, only physical existence does not matter. At the same time your psychological structure is needful to the core. It is a fact undoubtedly that today we are constantly waging a battle against the ever increasing strain and pressure of our day to day life. Today we are leading a life of constant rat race. The pressure of family and other things are constantly being accelerated to the extreme. Under these circumstances, if you are not mentally strong, you will not be able to survive in this tough world much. Hence what is the only solution? The answer is Personal Improvement.

Feeling morose? Please don’t be. There are certainly weapons to fight it out. There are some techniques which will help you getting cured so that you can attend weddings, join friends at a restaurant, or meet an attractive person whom you’d like to date.

The sphere of personality development actually correctly phrased to be spiritual development. Many years ago the Hindu and the Buddhist monks has enlightened this in front of us. According to them, our soul is supreme than our physical existence.  The basic problem of us is that we do not know our soul well. Our knowledge is always limited within the boundary of our bodily self. That’s why we do not know what we want or what should we do in our life for the betterment of us and our society. They said that if we can enkindle the light of our soul, from that light we can see the solution of our problem.

So what you have received so far? Yes the perfect answer is personal development. Helen Keller once said, “Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the face.” It is a very natural thing that whenever we find ourselves less confident some other says ourselves to be confident. But mere lip services cannot do any good in this sphere of problem. But then is there nothing to do? Of course there are solutions. First of all I can say that the most important thing to build self confidence is action. If you have thought seriously to do something, just do it. You can only achieve your desired level of self confidence just by it. If you only sit idle in your residence and getting yourself lost in your thought, success will never come to you. Don’t lose yourself in the cloud of over thinking. Too much repentance about things of past or too much anxiety regarding things of future can make you nervous and less confident. Just concentrate on your present action.

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