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Industrial Wireless Control Enabled Transport Leak Detection

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The remote control technology has moved a long way since it was developed first. By using the latest innovation in remote control industry, nowadays, plenty of wireless remote controllers are being manufactured by the top class manufacturers. Radio remote control for the bulk transport leak detection service is a modern innovation and it is widely popular among the worldwide users. Remote controlled transport leak detection involves powerful radio remote controls and is enable to detect any leakage or pipe failure in the fuel delivery systems.

Until a few years ago industrial wireless control enabled leak detection was only restricted for the small or private vehicles. However after the innovation of integrated transmitter the use of leak detection system has expanded to industrial bulk transport also. In the industrial bulk transport the need of leak detection is universally admitted. By using the system the unit safety as well as increased productivity is ensured. This is the reason this unique system is widely popular among the worldwide users. The manufacturer designing wireless remote controllers to detect transport leak offer various LDS devices with additional system accessories.

Depending on the system features the aspects of radio remote controlled LDS device might be different. However, more or less all the system includes a transmitter unit and a handheld receiver control unit. The LDS passive system also incorporates a functional ‘Test’ button as a way to determine the unit’s readiness. All of these systems can be easily installed as it requires no calibration or adjustment. The operator can automatically activate the device opening the internal valve or pipe guard. Some of the systems are also available with additional options including multi-pipe or multi-trailer sensors, automatic truck engine or PTO shut-down. Auxiliary control panel is also available other systems to allow drivers’ side unloading control.

Transport Leak detection System is a low powered micro-computer enabled leak detection and shut down system. It is mainly used in the industrial sector for ensuring interference free control. The installation of the unit simply requires the “Plug & Play” components. 12 Volt DC batteries are used as a main power supply of the LDS system. The system is activated with the air supply to internal valve. Any short leak or pipe failure in the hose reel or pipeline is detected by intrinsically safe pressure transducer. The LDS system transmitter is very powerful to detect any partial and complete hose/pipe separation. Once the leak is detected the system can response within half seconds. It is constructed in a non-sparking, waterproof enclosure and weighs 10lbs.

Frequency hopping spread technology is also an important feature of the transport LDS device. While using the system any kinds of signal interference is prevented. During electrical or radio interference the FHSS enabled system shuts down the whole machine without proceeding any further disturbances. The LDS system designed by the reputed manufacturers has been designed & tested by design Certified Engineers to meet the compliance requirements of U.S. Hm225A and Canadian B620 regulations. This is the reason you need to obtain LDS from the reputed manufacturers only.

BASE Engineering designs some great industrial wireless control systems for different engineering and commercial purposes.  Since 1996 over 50,000 BASEsystems have been employed around the globe to increase job safety and productivity. As a result of this design effort we have the confidence to offer a four year, no hassle, and replacement warranty on every product we manufacture. Wireless remote controllers, in our hand, have moved into the next level.

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