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Data Center Technology: EVA 6000 or EVA 8100 ?

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For those who are building or adding on to a data center, having the best hardware for storage capacity is a requirement. While building a large data center could be ideal, the designer needs to keep in mind cost versus practical use. A smaller data center could accomplish the goals of the organization while keeping the costs low; however, a larger one could ensure future storage needs are met.

HP EVA 6000 is one such device that could meet small organizational needs for data. Able to host an assortment of drive capacities, the EVA 6000 can handle up to 112 drives while using a 4GB cache per controller pair. Hosting Raid support of Vraid0, Vraid1, Vraid5 and Cross Vraid Snaps, this unit has redundant controller capabilities keeping the information online when it's needed. The HP EVA 6000 supports a variety of software including the 64-bit Windows 2003 DataCenter Edition and 32/64-bit versions of Red Hat EL Advanced Server 4.0.

For those who need more power and storage capacities, the
HP EVA 8100 has more than twice the capabilities of the 6000 series. With 240 maximum disk support, the EVA 8100 uses 8 GB per controller cache while using a fiber channel switched fabric host interface. The HP EVA 8100 puts to use a four 4Gb/s FC enabled ports per controller as opposed to its predecessor of using only dual ports.

Both the 6000 and the 8100 EVA data center devices use JBOD support as well as RAID control. A 96-hour backup battery will keep the information live in emergencies. And both will put a host of operating systems to use.

To determine the right device for the organizations needs, the cost of the data center can be reflective of the storage capacity needs. Although it may be less costly to purchase the
HP EVA 6000, could there be a possibility that storage needs will surpass its maximum capacities?

If you are having difficulty deciding on the perfect data center design for your organization, contact us today. Our knowledgeable and professional staff will analyze your needs and help you choose the best device for you. Our online chat agents are ready to assist you by answering all of your questions about either device.


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