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Metal Roof Cleaning for Tampa Residents: Some Useful Ideas

by linokosters

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With the plentiful advantages that metal roofs present, the ability to clean themselves is not one of them. With the aid of businesses that present metal roof cleaning in Tampa, this is something you can accomplish. Taking into account the roofing's material and the fact that it's elevated, there are certain actions you should take to clean it properly.
Prepare your roof for cleaning

Use a ladder properly secured close to your roof, and examine the roof's condition. If you don’t see much hints of any type of issues, you can go on in cleaning the roof. In different circumstances, you have to do things like patching up leaks, re-applying paint, and scraping away rust. It will be a lot simpler for you to clean your roof, the fewer problems it has.

Safety first

Use slip resistant footwear when you're working on the roof. Use a safety belt, attach a rope to it, and tie the rope to a solid support near the roof. So that you can clean the entirety of your roof, make certain that the rope's long enough. It's most likely more secure if you leave the work to companies that offer roof cleaning in Palm Harbor.

Cleaning proper

Use a wire brush to remove rust, and a flat-bladed putty knife to eliminate excess paint. Blend TriSodium Phosphate (TSP) with water. There should be about 1/2 cup of TSP per water gallon. Make use of a soft brush to apply the TSP on your roof, particularly on mold-infested parts. Rinse out as you go along, so the solution won't leave stains on your roof as soon as it dries up. Be cautious not to slide on the rinsed solution and off your roof.

Finishing touches

Utilize a power washer to spray water all over your roof. The pressure from the washer should be only enough to get rid of dirt, but not too strong to damage your roof. If your roof is incredibly filthy, mix a mild detergent with the water. Do not include too much detergent, though. Repeat the cleaning process as essential.

You can perfect you roof further now that you're done cleaning it. Use a standard metal primer to cover up indications that you've scuffed rust off your roof. Let the primer settle before you paint your roof with a well-suited color. For even more info on metal roofs, visit


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