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Experience a breathtaking hour long Gospel choir on Tuesday

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Tuesdays will never be the same in Harlem and people will have the opportunity to attend a gospel on Tuesdays also. It is a new day for gospel for the people in Harlem founded by Vy Higginsen’s Mama Foundation for the arts and Welcome to Harlem. The Tuesday performance in gospel Harlem is an open invitation to all residents of New York who wishes to spend their Tuesday in a different style. If you have not yet been to Harlem before, you need to visit it now especially on a Tuesday. </br>

If you do not have time to go to a church on Sundays because of your various other commitments, now is the time to get in touch with religion once again. You will not be just getting a <a href="">Live gospel performance on Tuesday</a>, but it will be the best live gospel performance you would have seen in your life. </br>

Harlem history</br>

Harlem has a long history which dates back to 1658 when the Dutch governor established a village on the outskirts of Manhattan and named it Nieuw Haarlem. It was named after the already existing Dutch town Haarlem, so this new town received Nieuw with it. This new town was divided in two parts with great large farms in the eastern section while rich people dwelled in the western section. It grew populous with the passage of time and it was known as a settlement of the rich people until the economic crisis struck it in 1830’s and the ripe farms had to be sold away at throwaway prices in a public auction. It was divided into small areas and the rich moved away from it leaving it in a state of shanty towns.  </br>

Harlem today</br>

Unlike its past, today Harlem bears no resemblance of its downtrodden past. New buildings have been built and the whole neighborhood has been renewed. It is now one of the most expensive areas of New York and has almost 400 churches in the area. Real estate prices are talking to the skies now and one can hardly find a cheap apartment in Harlem. The new and modern designed condos can range from $400 to $600 per square foot. Harlem is a true picture of modern civilization today with many residential apartments, malls, night clubs and bars and churches too. </br>

The live gospel performance on Tuesdayis a treat for the people who wish to attend the gospel on a Tuesday. Every Tuesday at 3pm you can listen live to the biggest stars of the gospel in New York, the teen choir who made it all the way to 2012 season finale of “The Celebrity Apprentice” aired on NBC. These talented teens will provide a marvelous hour long performance in the <a href="">Tuesday performance in gospel Harlem</a> where you will be mesmerized and be infused with the glorious spirit of the gospel. You cannot resist the power of their notes just like everyone else on the show on NBC. Get ready to have superb Tuesdays from now on because you will be spending it with the stars.



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