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High Quality LED and LCD for the NEXT Generation of Top End

by miketyson

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How important is a TV in your life.  Undeniably everyone would agree that a TV has become a part and parcel of one’s life. There is upsurge in demand for a state of the art television sets which provide an immersive and interactive experience to the end user. In fact the star attraction in any home is your room where the TV is kept.  Every day a new company with an exciting new technology heralds at the horizon ready to usurp the market. In this war of technology and brands the consumer instead of getting benefitted is lost in mayhem. Everyone is paddling their wares in the thin TV segment and clarity seems a distant thought. Let us draw a line and demystify the technology aspect in a real word jargon. LCD or LED at the end of the day is basically into display technologies. Understand this that you do not buy technology but solution. So let’s keep things simple.

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display and LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. High Bright LED Backlight LCD is the latest to hit the market and the vendors are bullish about this technology based product. The advantages of this technology outweigh its less fortunate predecessors. LEF backlight LCD and LEDs avoid using phosphor so the problem of the image getting burned on the screen is completely removed. Their refresh rates are pretty awesome so image flickering nuisance is taken care of. Due the digital advancement the LED Backlight Display is uniform lit and the image is visible corner to corner consuming very less number of watts. This has resulted in size zero war as in where every brand of High Bright LEDs is talking about the thinness of the display.

 The results are far from reality and if you go shop hopping for a true LED TV then there a little surprise in store for you. You will not find any as the most of the makers used LED’s as a source of backlighting the screen. Essentially speaking this is 'LED backlit LCD' televisions and not an actual LED TV. Let’s get a little techie and see what makes the LED a big hit. There are two types of LEDs available in the market. One which is Full Array and other is Edge Lit. In the latter variant we have LEDs covering the entire periphery of the screen and the rest of the backlighting is possible with the ‘Light Guides; which direct the glow to the centre of the TV screen. These High Bright LED Backlight TVs are nearly forty percent thinner, leaner and greener to their nearest cousins. The colour richness and quality is pretty amazing.

When we talk about the ‘LED backlit LCDs' then we can find four flavors ruling the market. One is primarily Edge LIT LED backlit LCD with local dimming and one without local dimming. On other hand complete range LED backlit-LCD devoid of the ‘Local Dimming' feature. The best however without any doubt and the costliest one is Full-Array LED backlit LCD which has the 'Local Dimming' feature.

So at the end of the day it totally depends up to you to which LED backlight LCD to choose from.

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