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Recover Zip File after Packet Data Loss

by Dsmith

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These days file compression tools such as WinZip, WinRAR are used extensively to save valuable disk space. These tools save considerable amount of space by using a number of efficient compression algorithms. You can also use these tools to zip a file and send it across over the Internet to the intended recipients. However, sometimes it does happen that such files, when downloaded from the Internet do not open correctly. This can happen because of some loss of data while downloading the file from the Internet called interruptions or hiccups. In such case, you can delete the downloaded file and try to download it again. If the file is still not opening properly, then you can use an effective and robust zip repair tool.

Consider a scenario wherein one of your friends has zipped his vacation photographs and mailed it to you. The Internet connection is slow and when you finally open the file after downloading, it does not open correctly and an error message is displayed, that is:

“The specified Zip file is corrupted.”


I am pretty sure that in such case you may wonder what this is all about. You may think that this file is a corrupted one and your friend may have played some prank on you. You may be right, but only partially. One of the possible causes for this file not to open correctly is that the file may not have downloaded properly due to some interruptions while downloading it. This is known as Packet Loss and it could have made the invalid file structure. This would mean that even if the file is downloaded correctly up to 99%, you would not be able to view it properly.


Unfortunately, the file compression tools do not provide the feature to repair and recover the corrupted file. Zip Repair Tool does not require any prior technical knowledge and repair .zip files while maintaining the safety of the data.

Stellar Phoenix Zip Recovery software is such a zip repair tool that repairs and recovers corrupted zip files without any loss of data. It supports the recovery for the files created in the WinZip versions up to WinZip 8.0. It is compatible with the Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 versions.

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