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Good comedy movies, top 10 comedy movies

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Good comedy movies are designed to cause people to laugh. This genre of movies is one of the most-loved by audiences from younger kids to older adults that’s why it is the movie of choice for family get together and other special family gatherings. It is also a good preference for those who want to relax from a hard day’s work or loosen up from toughness of school errands. Though this selection of movie is as old as other movie genres, it has never lost its fun and charm up until today’s modern satirical comedic movies.

However, albeit the great comedy movies available today, you will also observe that there are some movies that are not so effective in making people laugh. You will be deceived by its seemingly humorous title only to find out in the middle or at the end of the movie; there is nothing special hilarious and entertaining. So, to sort out those plain boring movies from outstanding comical ones, it would be more beneficial on your part if you will have a list of top 10 comedy movies.

2012 is the year where both excellent comedic movies and tedious-dull ones were seen. There are flicks that clicked, but there are also those movies that were two thumbs down. Few of the good comedy movies that made moviegoers laugh out loud are Jump Street, Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar movie and A thousand Words, all were out last March 2012. Jump Street and Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie both presented classical approach of entertainment while A Thousand Words was more on a comical-drama that also captured every audience’s sympathy.

Jump Street is starred by one of the movie industries’ heartthrob, Channing Tatum together with Jonah Hill who played as new police recruits in the movie. They were then tasked to uncover secrets of a dangerous drug ring which needed them to attend high school again. From here, they experienced toughness and at the same time the fun and excitement of being in school again.

Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar movie is also a pro. The story is about two men given a billion dollar to make a movie, but ended up squandering all these. The funny challenges started hoping they could escape the rage of the big corporation that produced the supposed-to-be movie of Tim and Eric. A Thousand Words starring Eddie Murphy is another variance of comedic movie from the typical funny movies. When Murphy found out that the leaves coming from a Bodhi tree represented the remaining days of his life, he needed to make the most out of every word he utters for this every word he says, a leaf falls. And, what words should he be uttering with the last one thousand leaves left? You will find out when you watch A Thousand Words- one of the top 10 comedy movies.

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