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EECP therapy- say goodbye to angina.

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People suffering from heart failure and angina have often resorted to medication in vain. While angioplasty and bypass surgery remain effective options, often these do not work. Sometimes these methods cannot be administered due to certain restrictions. For these patients, medical science has come up with the effective and easy “Enhanced External Counter Pulsation” treatment popularly known asEECP therapy.

EECP treatment is ideal for those patients who suffer from diabetes, renal problems or other kinds of lung diseases. The major and foremost advantage is that the treatment is non invasive which simply said, means that there is no conventional, surgical opening up of the flesh of the patient. The procedure is so simple that unlike various operations, the concerned patient does not have to take certain pills before or after the therapy. This ensures that it has no potential risks whatsoever.

What makes EECP treatment so special? Doctors mainly attribute its popularity to the fact that it not only reduces the number of angina attacks a person used to suffer, but it also diminishes the strength of the attack to a great extent. Another plus point of this procedure is that it is equally effective for both men and women. Moreover it has been seen that patients who have undergone the EECP procedure do not need to take their heart related medicines as often as they used to take before the therapy. Another plus point of this procedure is that it is equally effective for both men and women.

Now a few words on the exact procedure itself-

  • First of all, pneumatic cuffs is put on the patient’s legs and are attached to related equipments that observe the heart rate. These cuffs are programmed to expand and contract according to the electrocardiogram of the concerned person.
  • As a result of this set up, there is a steady reduction in the after load and consequently a rise in the preload and thus there is an increase in the cardiac output.
  • Hence, this therapy, in some ways, is quite akin to the intra aortic balloon pump system.
  • The blood vessels are carefully compressed in the lower limbs and as a result there is a rapid surge in blood flow to the heart. Precision is maintained and this blood flow is timed with the relaxed state of the heart and hence, the pressure is released when the heart pumps again.
  • Usually cardiac patients go through sessions of one to two hours a day, for seven weeks with five days of treatment in a week.
  • Now this ensures the creation of smaller blood vessels that automatically become naturally appearing bypass channels that continues to provide blood flow to the heart and this is the condition that reduces cardiac pain due to angina.

Patients undergoing EECP treatment usually show greater liveliness after the therapy and this causes a rise in energy levels and amount of activity. So if heart disease is making life difficult for you, undergo EECP therapy and kick start your life, again.


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