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Partition Corrupt and System Stops Responding

by anonymous

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With time, Microsoft has always come up with better and newer operating systems. Windows 95, 98, 2000 and then XP, all have touched the peak of the popularity for their advanced features. Moreover, their attractive, lively and user friendlier graphical interface has gained them a sustainable praising among the users. However, Windows Vista couldn't live up to the expectations of the users. Though it carries many, even newer features than the previous operating systems, there lies certain limitations with corrupt partitions that can propel you to think of any partition recovery software.

While restarting Windows Vista operating system, sometimes, all of a sudden a black screen appears and the system stops responding. This problem usually happens due to a possible corruption in the file system and to the dismay, similar problem also lies with Windows Vista Service Pack1. In Service Pack1, the autocheck.exe process usually hangs in the middle. Corruption of the file system leads to data loss or inaccessibility, compelling you to go for Widows data recovery.

A brief about autocheck.exe and the problem:

The process autocheck.exe runs automatically at the start-up and is meant for finding errors with the system. Usually, NTFS marks the problematic partitions as damaged. As, autocheck.exe is used to detect the corrupted partitions, at the start-up, when NTFS marks the partition as damaged, it doesn't do anything to repair them. The problem initiates there and at the next restart, NTFS again does the same work of marking the damaged partition, however, sutocheck.exe restarts and the system behaves improperly. Even, you can't be able to cancel the autocheck.exe process and log on to the system.


The mostly advisable resolution for the above issue is to download the AIK (Automated Installation Kit) and to create the Windows PE 2.1 disc, with which you have to restart your system.
Use the command chkdsk/f to repair the corrupted partition.
If the problem still remains, you have to format the drive and make a fresh installation.

Moreover, in order to avoid the same problem you need to install the hotfix for the same. However, with formatting, all the data from the troubled drive will be erased and you need to restore it from previously taken backup. In the absence of backup, partition recovery software can help you recover the lost or formatted data.

You can purchase Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery software that can recover all your formatted, lost or inaccessible Windows data from all kinds of FAT and NTFS file system based volumes. This is a completely risk free utility and supports Windows Vista, Windows 7, XP, 2000 and 2003.

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