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The City Of Manchester is Famous For Its Music Scene

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Manchester is part of one of the largest urban areas of the United Kingdom, and this is synonym to a city full of life and choices for a day, or days about town. Whether if you are a visitor or resident there’s always a number of different places to go and have fun with family, friends and strangers. A city of culture, Manchester is known for it’s music, scientific, media and sports scenes. It was in the city of Manchester that the first railway station was built, an amazing historical curiosity for the train devotees. But not just history lovers, Manchester can be a place of curiosity for scientists and computer geeks; it was here that they first split the atom and where the first stored-program computer was developed. If you are one of those who venture through the city alone, but in the end find yourself in the need of company, there are many Manchester escorts with whom you can enjoy all of this city’s features.

The area of Manchester was famous in the 80’s for it’s number of Indie bands, many names have emerged from around town including Happy Mondays, Inspiral Carpets and the Stone Roses. But, if we go further back we may stumble upon The Smiths, The Fall, Joy Division and Oasis; plenty of bands to influence any aspiring musician, or just the curious. Even if you are more of the classical type, don’t despair, Manchester also has a prominent scene of classical music and symphonies; there are two symphony orchestras and a chamber orchestra based in the city and consequently, there are venues to support concerts of this kind: The Manchester Arena is the largest in Europe and the busiest in the world, overcoming the Madison Square Garden in New York and the O2 in London.

At dusk, when the world becomes seemingly more attractive, Manchester has the right place to be at. Rather, it’s a must-visit bar when the daylight is dimming and the artificial lights start coming on, one by one. Cloud 23 sits on the 23rd floor of Beetham Tower; it’s stylish, luxurious and unforgettable. With windows from the floor to the ceiling all around, it shows Manchester as you’ve never seen it. And if you make it there just before twilight, you’ll be able to watch as the city becomes alight. The view is impressive, you can pinpoint Manchester’s landmarks and surrounding areas, making this the perfect place to be with your Manchester escort and have a few drinks, while listening to some quality music and peek down the glass oval on the bar’s floor, overviewing the ground below. It is the perfect way to finish your tour of musical Manchester with class and taste.

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