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Keep your Company’s History Alive with Williams Storage

by rubybadcoe

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Today’s technological advancements allow people to capture moments and store them in various mediums. The same goes for a business that may have accumulated thousands of microfilms, CD ROMS, or tapes in the course of its life. These cannot be disposed of easily for they contain the lineage and story behind the company.

Storing your company’s history in these data storage devices does not guarantee its preservation. For maximum protection, it would do you well to depend on a reliable and sturdy vault such as those supplied by quality Williams storage. Below are some facts that make it one of the most reliable vaults in the market.

Fire Rating

The Firelock vault offered by Williams storage has the highest fire rating amongst all the media vaults in the industry. Apart from being made out of ceramic insulating fiber used for space shuttles, its materials are temperature resistant and can fend off fire for up to four hours. Compare this with concrete and sheetrock vaults that can withstand flame for thirty and seven minutes respectively and you’ve got a definite winner.

Measures for Fire inside the Vault

This storage utilizes 3M NOVEC 1230 to suppress the fire inside the vault. It is the primary choice of clean agent fire protection for computer and document rooms because it works to put off the fire without compromising the objects inside it. Furthermore, it has the US Environmental Protection Agency’s seal of approval because of its zero ozone depletion potential which makes it safe for the environment.

Protection from Other Compromising Elements

Fire is not the only element that endangers the safety and protection of your company’s paper files and history. Steam, moisture, and heat transfer are also big enemies. Fortunately, Firelock vaults have a steel barrier and self-sealing cable trays which work like radiation shields to protect the cables from possible conduit heat transfer.

People cannot live forever, but your company’s history can be passed on from one generation to the next provided that it is properly stored. Just make sure that you choose a storage that is recognized for its ability to protect its contents against even the harshest of conditions. For other business tips, visit

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