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Hire an Android Developer for New Age Applications

by manishyadav

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The world of smart phone is amazing. Introduce one new feature in any of the mobile platforms and the business tables are turned. Currently the mobile operating system market is dominated by the famous two, the iOS and the Android.  According to IDC, Android platform is supposed to reach its sales peak, chunking out a massive 61% of the total market share. Many a times, it is not only the applications that make an operating system popular. The mobile handset also plays a greater role in positioning the operating system in the market.

Till date, Android has captured the imagination of the application developers and has significantly accounted for a 68% of the smartphones shipped in the second quarter of this year itself. In the case of Android, it is the Samsung handsets that have claimed 44% of Android phones shipped. So it is very clear that, application development enterprises are focusing more on the Android platform and are constantly looking forth to hire android apps developers ho can create applications on popular handsets from the stable of Samsung. 

The Samsung handsets that are helping android maintain its top position in the market are based on the Ice Cream sandwich version. Amongst its various versions, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is the most popular. It has features that are unmatched compared to its predecessors. Some of the amazing features of this platform version are:

•Outstanding font system known as Roboto specially designed for high resolution screens  

•Real time screenshot capturing mechanism that allows a user to take screen shot without the help of third party applications

 •Instant voice transcriber that transcribes voice into text  

•Android beam technology that allows any two Android based smart phones to exchange images, contacts, applications and media  

•Unified tablet and a smartphone API makes it easy for the developers to just create one application and make it interoperable in various forms

•The new version of the web browser easily syncs with the desktop and laptop bookmarks  

•Improved camera with smart UI and features to add multiple effects to pictures   The features, in a short span of time, became extremely popular thereby creating a sudden demand in the recruitment market to hire Android developer with experience in Ice Cream sandwich version

 According to a market study by Nielsen wire, Android pegs a 51.8% market share in the US. This meant scope for more development work on Android. Since hiring a permanent employee can be quite challenging in terms of infrastructure and capital, it is best to consider outsourcing as an option. It is a well known fact that India is home to talented developers with rich development experience, and also a considerable section of Indians have latest smartphones.

So it is a natural trend that application development for Android is pulling more crowds towards as a career option. Furthermore, the latest news is that Samsung India is all set to launch its Galaxy Camera in mid weeks of November 2012. This too, like its Galaxy predecessors, will be powered by Android operating system. Well this means that the recruitment market will boom with the requirements to hire more and more Android developers.   

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