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Computer users worldwide benefit from CoMantra online PC Sup

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PCs or Personal Computers often wage wars against you, even though there could be nothing violent about it. They simply become glum – refusing to perform their normal duties or just go blank! Either way, it could be absolutely exasperating for you. And in case you are busy on the internet, researching on something significant to your profession or calling, it could be thoroughly frustrating, too. Additionally, the mere thought of transporting the system to an unknown computer repairer is even more intimidating. When confronted with such emergencies, call CoMantra who can solve your problem almost through their magic wand. For all practical purposes, CoMantra will fix your computer problem remotely and well. In other words, you may avail CoMantra online PC Support for all your PC related troubles with the mere flick of your mouse.



Curios; aren’t you about CoMantra’s Modus Operandi in providing you with such instant relief. Well, there is nothing hush-hush about the whole episode. CoMnatra will achieve this miracle solution by using their desktop remote assistance software which will access your flawed computer through the internet, detect the problem issue and rectify the same almost robotically. However, this is actually performed by CoMantra’s team of Certified technicians who are adept in providing CoMantra online PC support for the company’s numerous customers spread all over the world. While you may opt for one time CoMantra online PC Support to get over your current problem, It may be far more advisable to sign up their yearly plans, which, nevertheless, are quite cost effective, to get absolute mental relief for a year or so. Here is a short description of some of these Plans that are offered for PC users the world over.


Options                                  Type of service offered                      Country                                      Price

1 Annual                              Remote tech support                     Canada                                 159.99 CAD

Consultancy                       Remote tech support                     Canada                                    59.99 CAD

5 Annual                              Remote tech support                     UK                                          300.00 GBP

2 Annual                              Remote tech support                     UK                                          150.00 GBP

1 Annual                              Remote tech support                     USA                                       159.99 USD

For further details, please call toll free………………………………

From the above chart you may observe how cost effective the Remote tech support offered by CoMantra actually is, especially in view of the services that are provided by this internationally recognized IT Service and Support Company which are listed below.

ü  Diagnosing and resolving software issues

ü  Updating Windows and configuring browsers along with security check

ü  Repairing and checking your computing device

ü  Optimizing computers and peripherals

ü  Resolving dreaded virus problem.



Incidentally, CoMantra online PC Support covers most brand of computers that include some of the following

 Acer Support                                    E-Machines Support                       Gateway Support

Packard Bell Support                      ASUS Support                                    Dell Support

Fujitsu Support                                 HP Support                                         HCL Support

IBM Support                                      Compaq Support                              Lenovo Support

LG Support                                         Samsung Support                            Panasonic Support

Toshiba Support                               Wipro Support                                  Gigabyte Support

In case, you are using a different brand of PC, please let us know about it and we will immediately incorporate the same in our list of technical support items. Meanwhile, Happy Computing for you and Good Luck.



About the Author:

The author of this treatise is a CoMantra technician-cum-essayist who is also well versed in CoMantra onlinePC Support technicalities

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