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Beware! Before buying a cycle from any online shop

by anonymous

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Bicycles are still considered one of the simplest and cheapest ways of commuting to distant places. Many health conscious people have always loved to use cycles for light and effective exercise it provides. There are numerous types of bicycles in the market that are designed and developed for different riding experiences. There are mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, BMX bikes and many more to choose from. Today, technology has reached to the levels where we can buy things online from any part of the world. Similarly, there are many online shops for bicycles from where people can buy different bikes of their choice.

Although there are many advantages of buying stuff online, but not all goods can be brought conveniently. There are many things one needs to consider like the size of the bike, weight, frame, riding experience and seat adjustments before buying bikes. All these factors cannot be judged online. People face problems while buying bikes from online shop for bicycles. One of the issues can be the delivery of the bike. It is not easy to ship and deliver heavy objects like bicycles safely without any damage to the customer’s doorstep. Moreover, if you have ordered a bike online you need to be at home to receive the delivery, which may involve taking a day off. It is worth if you are saving a lot of money on the model purchased otherwise you might be at a risk of losing an important day at work. Since online companies might send the item in semi finished state, it may again take time for you to ensemble the parts before you test it out. Setting up a bike requires a certain degree of skill. If the company is providing free set up, then its no problem otherwise you might have to struggle with the spare parts and their proper adjustments.

Another important issue can be the test ride factor of the bike. Any online shop for bicycles will only provide the user with the pictures of different angles of the product. Buyer can only check the image of the desired model online, but can’t test ride it. He can only visually check the features and compare them with other models. Test ride is very important as it gives a perfect idea of the riding experience, gear quality, seating adjustments of the desired bike that cannot be checked online. In short, it is good to always check and buy your favorite bike from any local shop to ensure you are investing in the right model.

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