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Despite Regulations, Truck Drivers Often Drive While Sleepy

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Fatigue slows down a driver’s reaction time. It can also decrease attentiveness to surroundings and impair a driver’s judgment. In fact, the effects of driving while fatigued are so serious that the National Sleep Foundation has equated dangers related to fatigued driving with those of driving drunk. Despite these dangers and regulations regarding how often and how long Greensboro truck drivers are allowed to drive, many drive under conditions of extreme fatigue anyway, greatly increasing the chances that they will cause a wreck. If you have been in such an accident, your next step should be to contact a lawyer immediately.

Truck drivers are well aware of the dangers inherent to driving while tired, and though many adhere to the driving restrictions required by law, many are coerced by their companies, clients, or other involved parties to drive beyond the allowed time in order to get a shipment delivered more quickly. Unfortunately, such coercion often results in accidents. Because of the size and weight of a big rig, a victim in a truck accident often suffers more serious injuries. This is why it’s so important to consult with a lawyer if you have been involved in an accident with a truck.

Whether you have suffered multiple broken bones, severe head or neck trauma, or some other catastrophic injury, you lawyer will help to ensure that you get the medical care that you need. Whether it is negotiating on your behalf so that you have all of the diagnostic tests available so that your physician can make a complete and accurate diagnosis of your injuries or explaining to your employer why you are currently unable to return to work, your lawyer will help to ensure that you make the fullest recovery possible.

In addition to serving as your advocate, your lawyer will aggressively pursue all compensation to which you are entitled. If a shipping company required the driver to drive more than was allowed, your lawyer will make sure that the company is brought to justice. If insufficient inspections or maintenance on the truck led to the accident, your lawyer will make sure that everyone responsible is held accountable. Whatever the circumstances, your lawyer will diligently work to ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve.

The roads in and around Greensboro are regularly traversed by truck drivers. Some are driving alert while others are under extreme fatigue. If you have suffered in an accident because a driver should not have been on the road, contact a Greensboro tuck accident lawyer as soon as possible to get the help, legal counsel, and justice that you deserve.

With seven offices across North Carolina, Carl Nagle is a former claims adjuster and insurance defense lawyer who has experience, focus, and demonstrated success in providing dedicated client service in accident litigation. Contact Greensboro truck accident lawyer Carl Nagle at Nagle & Associates by calling 336.723.4500 or toll free 800.411.1583 or visit for a FREE initial consultation.


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