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Pontoon Boats: A Mobile Living Space on the Water

by tiaoshields

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A pontoon boat may look like the hovercrafts used by the U.S. Navy, only that this boat cannot land ashore or carry tanks. In other places such as Africa, pontoon boats were used to ferry vehicles across rivers like the Zambezi. The pontoon boat is for boaters who want to sail small rivers and lakes for the fun of it with friends. It’s also a good choice for boaters looking for a cheap way to enjoy any fishing trip.

The birth of the pontoon boat is a bit sketchy, but it’s said that the boats appeared in the 1950s. An auto parts company at the time decided to focus on building pontoon boats, which resulted in becoming a pontoon boat company by the mid-1950s. As with most inventions over the course of history, other boat makers soon built their own pontoon boats.

The pontoon boat uses round tubes called pontoons to float in the water, which are also used in other crafts such as seaplanes and floating docks. The boat behaves almost similarly to a raft, as it also has a flatbed design usually made of marine-grade plywood. Due to its design, it can support a wide array of structures, even a house.

Of course, the pontoon boat for leisure is too small to support a house; however, it has upholstered seats that make it feel like a living room. Many pontoon boats for sale Edmonton boaters want have soft seats that make hours of boating or fishing very comfortable. Some boats also have empty spaces so that boaters can customize the interior.

Due to their potential for a leisurely cruise in a lake or river, pontoon boats are commonly called party barges. You can hold a small party at the pontoon deck while the boat slowly sails across the water. Typical pontoon boats for sale Edmonton can hold between six and fifteen people, depending on the design. It doesn’t go as fast as other boats; however, when you’re holding a party, why should you go fast?

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