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Easy Tips I Use to Help Me Last Longer in Bed

by rocktylen

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If you have ever struggled to make it through a session of steamy sex, you are not alone. In fact, according to studies, no matter who you are, experts estimate that premature ejaculation affects men of all ages, and at any time. So the next time you have sex, there’s about a thirty percent chance (or so) that you could shoot too soon and leave your lover dumbfounded, and unpleased. Rather than worry about that, why not just use some simple tips beforehand? I use the following tricks
to help me last longer in bed, and they just might help you out in the sack, too.


I do pushups and crunches before she comes over: In order to best help me last longer in bed, I know that I need to get my blood flowing, my energy levels up and my heart rate thumping. This increases dopamine production and aids in improving sexual stamina. A few sets of crunches and pushups ensures that I look attractive for my sexual encounter, and that I am ready to do the grind all night


I drink an energy drink beforehand: An energy drink is a good way to help me last longer in bed. Seriously, take any name brand of energy drink and look up the ingredients that are
contained within it. Now cross reference those with sexually charging ingredients for male enhancement. You will be quite surprised to learn that many of the constituents are excellent natural male enhancers, too.


I have a few drinks to take the edge off: Seeing as my girlfriend and I rarely see each other during the week due to hectic work schedules and other obligations, we always make time for one another on the weekends. I also like to enjoy a few drinks responsibly on the weekends during my time off from work. So I like to combine the energy drink above (choose your favorite brand) with my favorite hard alcohol to make a mix drink. This takes the edge off and supercharges my sex drive to help me last longer in bed.


One more tip: I take natural supplements to help spur my blood supply. For me, I like to take vitamin C daily (increases blood flow and improves sperm count), green tea extract (helps increase testosterone production), acai berry (powerful antioxidant), garlic (improves blood flow and circulation), COq enzyme 10 (improves blood flow and ligament and bone health) and grape seed extract (a potent antioxidant that balances blood flow and aids in testosterone production).

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