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Laser Hair Reduction- A Sigh Of Relief For Body Haired Women

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The last great beauty taboo is the facial hair of a female. No women like to discuss about it. Each one of them are seeking solutions to get rid of them so that they no longer have to spend heavy bucks on waxing and shaving.


In case, you also face any of the above situation, you must seek long term benefits which truly deliver their promise of permanent hair removal. The beauty effects on high-definition television and films clearly signifies that the women shown there are waxed to baby bottom smoothness.


No wonder that permanent hair removal techniques have stepped in the market over the last few years. One of these techniques is laser hair reduction which is lauded for safe, effective and quick results.


The treatment process of laser hair removal:


The technique prominently available during the nineties. Gradually, this technology evolved and prices dropped which made it spread like a fire all across the world. The treatment requires multiple sittings  owing to the tendency of the hair growth. Any treatment on the hair can be targeted during Anagen stage only and not all hairs are in this stage at one time.


Eight to ten sittings in an interval of four to six weeks will give desired results to the customers.


The dark hair colored individuals raved about it while at the same time people with red, blonde, white or gray hair were little disappointed. The laser therapy becomes less effective on those having pale hair or having skin darker than their hair. This is because laser hair removal works on the principle that laser light will be absorbed by the darker pigments while reflected by the lighter ones.


The advantages associated with the laser hair reduction procedure-


  • Precision- when skin color is lighter than hair, the pigments of dark hair absorb light. This way surrounding skin is left undamaged.


  • Speed- the laser process is very quick which makes it more preferred for the busy women. Each fraction of a second releases a laser beam which affects many hairs at one time. Some small areas of the body like lips needs just one to two minutes while back and legs ares requires one hour.



  • Predictability- it has been observed from the past treatments that 90 percent of the patients observed successful results with no hair in the treated areas when done for 3-5 sessions.


Things to be kept in mind:   


  • Always choose a qualified and experienced professional for this task. Visit professional clinics only.


  • Take extra care of the treated areas for a while. Protect them from sun, dust etc. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen.



  • Visit the clinic for the next session as per suggested by the doctor. Don’t miss on that period.
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