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Reducing Pollution With Electronic Cigarette

by anonymous

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Pollution is one of the crises that the world is dealing with, reversing the effects of man-made pollution like that of global warming is one of the top priorities not only of one country but the entire world. At present time we are actually seeing the effects of global warming such as stronger typhoons, changes in the climate and the melting of the polar ice caps among others. Of course it is because of these that people have been trying to find ways on how to save the environment and how to reverse the effects of climate change.


Cigarette Butts as Pollutants


No matter how small it is when accumulated it could have a huge effect. This is true to cigarette smoking, of course one may think that smoking a stick or two is fine, but doing it daily will of course harm your health. Another harmful effect of smoking cigarettes is the residue that is left after smoking it. Cigarette butts are those filters that are thrown away after the tobacco have been burned. Yes, the cigarette butt may just be a very small part of the cigarette but little you do not know is that such cigarette butts are actually not biodegradable or not easily degradable. Unlike for paper and any other organic materials cigarette butts will take five to thirty years before it actually is degraded or broken down. Imagine the number of smokers worldwide and the number of cigarettes they smoke in a day? Definitely when we accumulate everything it will amount to millions if not billions of cigarette butts that will disintegrate in a period of thirty years. Therefore, we expect a mountain of cigarette butts that is polluting our environment.


The Alternative to Cigarettes


It is of course understandable that many have already been addicted to smoking cigarettes and the habit is really difficult to give up. Fortunately, there is an alternative to smoking cigarettes and this is by way of using electronic cigarettes. The use of electronic cigarettes is not only a healthy alternative but it is also an environmentally friendly alternative. This is because all parts of the electronic cigarettes are basically reusable, which means there are lesser if not zero waste. Of course there are parts of electronic cigarettes that are being sold as disposables but if you really want to help the environment you can actually choose the reusable option. This way you minimise wastes as you utilise the electric cigarette.


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