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Introduction to Subnet IP Address

by seohost01

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Subnet IP address sounds a bit tricky initially but it isn’t so. It is a very potent tool for all kinds of SEO strategies. A subnet C class IP address is a visible subdivision, of a network’s IP. This usual procedure of dividing subnet IPs effectively, into multiple logically apparent subnetworks is known as the IP address subnet. Every subnet isidentified by the profuse common and corresponding bit-groups in the IP addresses they have.


The division of IP address subnet into various subnets of 256 IP is known as a particular segment. This segment is referred to as subnet C class IP, in common man’s terms. The subnet IP address rose to fame when the world renowned search engine giant Google, declared that every interlinked website, residing within the same IP subnet would be condemned. Thus a sandboxing issue makes the hosting of multiple websites on one particular server unsafe.


This penalty issue could be resolved if these websites are hosted on various IP addresses, which are from multiple subnets. In other words, various subnet IP addresses of C class are the safest most, for hosting a blog network that consists of many websites or blogs within. Many SEO hosting service providers cater to the webmasters who look for their business websites, to be safely hosted. This is supposed to be done in a risk free manner, where they should not be birched by the search engines.


Such jeopardy can be easily avoided without applying any sort of complex technology. The hosting of a single website can be done on one subnet IP address, while the other website can be hosted on another IP that belongs to a different subnet. This completely eradicates the hazards of receiving a penalty from the search engines. However, it boosts the potential of the ranking of your site in the SERPs. This way main expanse of the globe’s IP gets pooled into a shorter, smaller and more systematized sub sections.


These IP subnet addresses assist the SEO webmasters in a major way. Through it, they can make their particular blog network of multiple blog sites rank well, yet without risking their complete network. Here a fact is to be always kept under consideration. Without the various subnet class C IP, it is very easy for the search engine spider to figure out your network. If that happens, then you come into direct violation of the policies, drawn by the search engines for optimization of the sites for ranking.


Although, webmasters practice safety by hosting their websites on multiple subnet C class IP, from various subnets but search engines have other criteria for scrutiny as well. The engines look into the IP history and uptime of the website primarily. All of this put together with other multiple factors, eventually make a site rank in the result.


When the various sites, which are interlinked and hosted on different subnets; are being scrutinized by the search engines. They are found to be in the same datacenter, yet they are never on the same server. This is how IP address subnetting tends to be a boon, to the website optimization operators. The protection of their entire network boils down to a simple practice of hosting every site on different IP, from genuine subnets.



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