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All you need to know about 1 carat diamonds

by kittyperry

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You can find different diamonds that will be giving you the idea of creating jewelleries from them. You need to know how to find the best stone for the jewellery worth for any person whom you will gift the jewelleries. The diamonds are found from the deep mantle of the earth, and you will find the stones in different mines from a different part of the worlds. The stones will be taken out from the crust of the earth, and then they are found they are cut properly with the help of the workmen to get the distinct glow of the stones. The 1 carat diamonds stores are the ones who deal with stones, and you can get the best stones for such occasion when you will need the ring or the stud for some special purpose.

Features that effect the diamonds

The important things that you need to know about the diamond stones are the features, and you need to find the perfect quality stone for getting the beautiful jewellery for your friend. The diamonds have got grades and they are often called the 4 c’s. They are the clarity of the stone, colour of diamond and cut for the brilliance. The weight of the diamond is measured by the carat. What you need for the diamond will be found on the basis of the 4 c’s, and you can find the best stone for the ornaments from 1 carat diamonds so that you can get the best quality stones.

The colours can be different for different stones

The colours of the 1 carat diamonds in Australia are mostly white or the colourless variety. The more the colours are absent from the diamond the better. The grading for colour were A, B, C earlier but now they are starting from the grade D, and it ends at F. The scale starts with D and these are the colourless ones that are found till the scale of F. The scale of G to J is called the next level and they are mentioned as the near colourless grades or the white ones. The diamonds that fall in the K to Z range of colour are with some tint of colour in them, and they are not much valuable for the customers.

Clarity and cut for the diamonds

The clarity of the stone from the 1 carat diamonds in Australia are based on the flaws that can be visible for the people. The flawless diamonds are stones without inclusion, and since there has to be minimum of inclusion the clarity is more in stones that have less inclusion. The more the inclusions or flaws, the clarity grows lesser. The diamonds are cut as per the stone thickness and as per the experience of the person who is cutting the gem. The aim is to cut in the right proportion and as right it gets the more is its value. The cuts make them sparkle, and the light reflects more if the cut is right. The shapes of the stones are also different, and you can get to know the best shape for giving you ideal stone.

The shapes of the diamond are different, and the rinds and studs or bracelets that are made with the stones depend on the cut that you have chosen for the jewellery. The bigger diamonds can have more depth and can be cut accordingly so that the jewellery that is created from them are perfect for the person wearing. The pear shape, oval shape, Emerald, Radiant or Cushion diamond are a few of the shapes that are popular. The different shapes and sizes of the diamond can help you to decide which one to select for the particular jewellery you want to order for.

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