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by thomasluke

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A lot of people are
quite into trying new things, just to get away from their day-to-day boring
routine. From dangerous sports to simple fancy dress parties, there are a lot
of ways to forget the weighty responsibilities of life. If your ideal way of
putting Darth Real Life aside is just a quiet dinner with a quality companion,
then think again, there are no simple or quite restaurants waiting for you in
Tokyo. The bustling city, where the rates of people dying due to overwork is
higher than any other in developed countries, cries for extreme measures for
its people to forget life. And trends call for themed restaurants, not just
your common foreign food parlour, but a real Alice’s Wonderland, or maybe an
Alcatraz E.R., if cocktails poured out of syringes are more your kink than
cuddly white rabbits.


Waitresses dressed as
mental ward doctors do attract a lot more clientele than you think, it’s always
a full house in most of these venues and people are forced to book tables
months in advance. What a trouble! Our London may not have as many Michelin
Stars as Tokyo, when it comes to obsessive restaurants and cafes, but why the
trouble of flying over to the other side, if right here in London you can find
your very own Asian escorts that are sure to bring you a whiff from that
side of Asia and its secrets. And aren’t Tokyo’s secrets the oddest in the
world? Girls that dress as Gothic Lolitas and shed real tears when their
customers leave the Café; who sing tacky songs and call them Magical Spells
that - they promise - will sweeten your coffee! You’re definitely not out for
quiet evenings in the Tokyo district of Shibuya, infamous for its endless
sources of entertainment from shopping centres to the conspicuous Love Hotels,
spread over the Love Hotel Hill. Well, Shibuya or any other around the clock
crowded entertainment district.

Tokyo sure is a place where you fight crazy with
crazier. And for many it works, the rest just turn completely and inescapably
insane. But such a lovely city should be part of anyone’s travel book, ignoring
its peculiar inhabitants for a moment, Tokyo, formerly known as Edo (until
1868), its the most populous metropolis in the whole world. It’s located
roughly in the centre of the Japanese archipelago and in the south of an area
called Kanto. The old history of this city can still be appreciated in
traditional districts such as Asakusa and prominent museums all over town.
However, if a Ninja meal, with suspiciously steaming coconuts, in a restaurant
which is a perfect replica of an Edo-period castle, is not your bedtime story,
leave madness aside... Seat yourself in the company of one of the Asian
escorts in London
, and plan a not so wild evening at the Tokyo Diner in the
City of Westminster, London.

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