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Research on and Inspect a Used Car Before Buying It

by dantemallet

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Buying an Edmonton used car can be tricky, as it can have some problems that aren’t obvious even after you’ve taken it out for a test drive. Plus, it might have been poorly maintained in the past. Worse, it could have been involved in a serious accident. If you know what to look for, you will have a better chance of avoiding the purchase of a defective car.

A used car may contain minor problems that you can live with or major problems that will make you look for another vehicle elsewhere. Take note of minor problems so that you can use them to negotiate a better deal should you still wish to buy the car. If you see any major issues, consider another vehicle. Should you find yourself lacking in automobile know-how, show the vehicle to an independent mechanic for thorough inspection.

Aside from having the vehicle inspected, you can also research on the vehicle on the Internet to see if that specific make and model has well-known problems. You can check user reviews and forums dedicated to the make and model you want to buy. This will give you an idea on what other owners have to say so that you can confirm during vehicle inspection.

There are few steps you can do if you’re looking at used cars in Edmonton – Alberta’s second-largest city – even if you don’t have sufficient know-how of the vehicle’s inner workings. First, walk around the car and look at its overall appearance. If you notice any peculiarities with the paint job, try knocking on that area lightly. If it sounds dull, chances are, that area has been through a body repair as the dull sound is caused by the putty application underneath the paint.

Then observe the balance of the vehicle. Does the car sit level or does one side look lower? Do the wheels appear straight? Vehicle suspension parts will wear out over time. If you’ve observed any misalignment, inform the dealer of used cars in Edmonton about it to have it fixed before you seal the deal.

A good amount of research and inspection will help ensure you’re buying quality used cars Edmonton dealers sell. You will need to take the vehicle for a test drive as well so that you will see its running condition. Read more articles on used cars on

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