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Charleston South Carolina Homes

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Being a real estate agent, many buyers ask me about a variety of topics. One of the most common is What types of Charleston South Carolina homes are best for investment purposes?


I am quick to point out that I am not a fortune teller and that if I could predict the future I would probably be on my own island somewhere. Retired. Enjoying the spoils of my clairvoyance. I continue with, "but I do have good insight into what has worked well in the past."


To start the discussion about what types of Charleston South Carolina homes are good for investment, it might make sense to try to classify the different styles and types of Charleston South Carolina homes that can be commonly found and which ones are not commonly found in the area.


I like to think about Charleston South Carolina homes by the foundation they are built on. In some cases, they show the socioeconomic groupings as well. Why do I say this? Well, foundations can be rather expensive, so generally the less expensive the foundation, the less expensive the home.


Charleston South Carolina homes built on a slab are the first to discuss. They are the least expensive to build and ironically, some architects will say these are the best types of foundations. They say they are the most cost effective approach to keeping energy bills down. Now most buyers would express the concern that they will be unable to get underneath the slab if there is a problem with the plumbing. Now I am no contractor, but I would assume the design of these homes would have thought of those issues and the necessity to bring in a jack hammer to handle a clogged drain is probably pretty minimal (so don't let this concern scare you out of looking for Charleston South Carolina homes on a slab.


The next category of Charleston South Carolina homes found are built on a crawlspace. Typically a few feet off of the ground, the ability to crawl underneath can be both convenient and a problem. Many crawlspace homes have the HVAC ductwork in the crawl, and if they are not properly sealed... well, picture a cold soda can on a 90 degree day... it sweats. This condensation can cause problems, but again... no need for alarm. A good home inspector can alert us to problems if any.


Then there are the Charleston South Carolina homes built on a raised pier foundation. These are the properties that are generally built up in the air. Roughly 70% of Charleston County is found in a flood zone and this dictates where the ground floor of new homes must be above sea level. Now some simply call for a few feet above sea level, and can be built on a crawlspace, but many builders decide to keep building up even higher to accommodate for large parking, storage and workshop space below.


Now that we have discussed the different foundation types of Charleston South Carolina homes, the various styles come into play. Based primarily on the date built, many ranch style homes are found in the older neighborhoods of Charleston that are closer to town.


There are some Charleston South Carolina homes that are very unique to the area. Aptly named "Charleston Single styles", these originated in Downtown Charleston and are long, skinny and deep homes built with double porches on the front or sides. This style unique to the area came about from a need to build on skinny lots, as rumor has it that these Charleston South Carolina homes were first taxed on the amount of street frontage they sat on. I am not sure if this is true, but the skinnier the lot, the smaller the tax bill.


There are many other types of Charleston South Carolina homes to be found. After having been in real estate since 1995, the one style that I do not see often is the contemporary. Not to say they do not exist, but they are not very common here, as the traditional, more historical flavor seems to by more desirable for an area as rich in history as Charleston is.



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