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In Defense of Women Who Undergo Anal Bleaching

by sabrinamoore

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Cosmetic procedure is a hot-button topic because of its supposed effect on a woman’s self-esteem. Despite the naysayers, cosmetic procedures continue to be popular among a growing number of women as new treatment products requiring no invasive procedures are being developed. One of these most highly contested treatments is anal bleaching.

You’ve most likely encountered the term anal bleaching in the film Bridesmaids where Maya Rudolph’s character proudly declared “I love my new asshole.” While the idea appears to be too far out that it could only exist in the minds of comedy writers, the truth is anal bleaching has gained popularity among womenfolk. The process of anal bleaching is pretty much self explanatory. Much like the name implies it refers to lightening the area around the anus so its skin tone would adhere to its surrounding areas.

Many women who are bold enough to admit they’re no stranger to the procedure have received a lot of flak for the vanity of it all. It’s not uncommon for adult film stars and sex workers to undergo this procedure for which they also get criticized. But for the average women, the procedure seems to gain popularity nonetheless, so the market for it continues to thrive.

One of the biggest criticisms regarding anal bleaching is that the products are unsafe. There have been many reported cases of women suffering from allergic reactions to them. But recent product advances have developed safer, allergen-free products that are no more harmful than whitening creams and lotions, and additionally, they are convenient enough to be applied in the privacy of one’s home so there’s not a need for embarrassing doctor’s appointments.

Critics of anal bleaching also question its usefulness because unless you’re a stripper or a porno star, they ask who cares what it looks like as no one gets to see anything in the tight space. Who cares if the skin were a shade lighter from its original color? But it’s all a right-to- vanity issue, and there’s no law against it.

The process of anal bleaching is relatively harmless, unless you happen to be allergic to skin bleach. Women will declare that as long as they do it for their own self-love, and not for anyone else, then go ahead and love yourself and your new asshole! There’s no need for shame. For more information regarding anal bleaching, you can check out the following websites:,

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