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Hire a Java Developer – What to Consider?

by anonymous

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Java is a multi-featured computing language extensively used in today’s programming generation. It is a complex object-oriented programming language which has been designed by integrating ideas and concepts from other programming languages ‘C’ and ‘C++’. Many companies and organizations spend quite a considerable amount of money in the process of hiring an efficient java developer. A lot of time and effort are spent in order to attract and recruit an experienced and proficient Java developer. Though companies cater so much effort towards this process, often it so happens that there is a certain amount of disconnectivity between the companies that are looking forward to hire good Java developers and Java developers who are enthusiastic to take up those jobs. This might be due to a lack of proper medium of communication between these two.

The procedure and the environment for hiring Java developers have remained pretty much unchanged since 10 years ago. So, companies who are continuing the same approach to Hire Java Developers are often at a loss, because they are not being involved with the community of the java developers at large. According to sources, listing out a job in the form of a job description on the internet or websites or at forums doesn’t get you any java developers, not any more. This is because the java developers are looking forward to work with companies who are reputed and are making it big in this field. The companies have to sort of create a trade mark name as a company which offers lucrative pay, a decent work place and work ethic, offers growth to talented developers. The ideology should be that the Java developers should approach the company for the job instead of the company approaching them. This actually signifies the company’s reputation and place in the industry.

While hiring a Java developer, a software company should always ask for the candidate’s code sample, roughly 100-500 lines of code. What the code can do at a huge level is immaterial in this scenario, and it should only be seen as an opportunity to determine the scope of the range of the code in terms of quality and spontaneity and also for a matter of fact, if he can code for projects irrelevant of a large or small project. It’s also important to know if he has an intelligent architectural sense, common sense, and good judgment skills. Based on just testing the code sample of the java developer, the hirer can make out if he is really an expert at his job or not, because writing a code for java is mind numbing job and also it is very loquacious.

But, certainly proficient Java developers are present and it is on the cards to hire a few too. Some might be good enough in searching for them, while some might have just a lucky day and hire the best of them. But, it is crucial that the company would establish some norms and techniques in the process of hiring a Java developer, because everyone might not be lucky and we have to rely on these techniques to get an efficient Java developer. Especially, because Java is verbose, companies cannot afford to waste a lot of time, money and effort to read the resumes of the candidates.

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