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Improve Your Strength Endurance Capacity on the Volleyball C

by liyo89

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As you go about your volleyball games, one particular element that you’ll want to take into account is your strength endurance capacity. Doing regular volleyball workouts can help enhance this aspect of your fitness so that when you get onto the court, you’re able to sustain optimal performance for a longer period of time.


While you won’t need as much endurance for volleyball as you would for say a long distance running event, when the play gets going for a lengthier period of time, you need to sustain good mental and physical tenacity so that you’re ready for the ball at all times.


That’s where these volleyball workouts will come into play. They’re going to help ensure that your muscles don’t fatigue out when you’re playing for the 60-120 second range straight without rest.


Squat And Hold

The very first exercise to do to boost your strength endurance capacity is the squat and hold. To perform this exercise simple move down into a basic squat and once you’re at the lowest point, hold for ten seconds before rising up again to complete the rep.


Aim for five reps total before resting for one to two minutes and repeating two more times.


Push-Up And Hold

In addition to the squat and hold, also consider the push-up and hold. This exercise should be completed in the same way, moving down to the lower part of the movement pattern, holding in position, and then pressing up again.


When doing this make sure that you keep the core muscles tight and tense the entire time however as this will keep the body in proper alignment at all times.


Jump Lunges

Finally, the last exercise to perform to boost your muscular strength endurance is jump lunges. Do a series of 20 or so jump lunges all in a row so that fatigue really kicks in hard. As it does, you’ll be forcing your muscles to keep contracting at all times, making certain that they are able to continue to play as you go about your game.


The last thing you want is your legs to tire out as then you won’t have that supportive base underneath you.


So keep these exercises in mind as you go about your volleyball workouts. Start adding them regularly to your workout week and you will find you’re more energetic and play better in each game you perform.


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