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Improve Your Rebounding Ability on the Basketball Court With

by liyo89

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One of the key areas that you must be strong in as you go about your basketball games is your rebounding ability. Taking the time to perform some good basketball workouts that will increase your explosive power is just what you need to develop the leg strength necessary to propel you upwards towards the net whenever you want to take a jump shot.


It’s important to remember with basketball workouts designed to improve your rebounding capacity that you should never be performing them just before a basketball training session however, as this will pre-fatigue the muscles and will severely impact your performance.


Instead, do your basketball workouts on a day totally separate from when you’re scheduled to be on the court.


Let’s look at the main exercises to do.


Single Leg Wall Jumps

The first exercise to perform in your basketball workouts is the single leg wall jump. To perform this one, you’re going to stand about four feet away from a wall and then once ready, take three steps towards the wall. On the last step, rebound up off the ground using just one leg and try and touch as high on the wall as you can.


Upon landing, walk back to the starting position and repeat once again. Your mission is to reach up as high as you possibly can on the wall.


Once five to eight reps are completed, perform it on the other leg.


Jump Squats With Medicine Ball

Moving along, jump squats with a medicine ball are the next movement to perform to boost your plyometric power and improve your jump shot.


To perform these, hold a medicine ball just in front of the body with the elbows bent. If you prefer, you could also hold it just behind your head, however this would be a more advanced version.


From there, squat down as low as you can go towards the floor, pause at the bottom, and then reverse the movement pattern, rebounding up off the floor as high as possible. Upon landing, move directly down into the squat again and repeat the exercise.


Heavy Leg Press

Finally, the last must-do exercise for your basketball workouts is a heavy leg press. While the two above exercises focused on plyometric power, this one will focus on pure leg strength. It’s important that you have a combination of the two for optimal results.

When doing the heavy leg press, perform it in the six to eight rep range so that you can lift a maximum amount of weight and use a tempo of 1:1:3. This is what will help develop that force generation capacity as well.


So perform these three movements as you complete your basketball workouts and you will notice a difference in your jump shots in just a few weeks’ time.


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