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Calculate date interval with epoch timestamps in PHP

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Epoch Timestamp:


Epoch – Pronounced as EH-puhk, it is a Greek word, which means "fixed point in time. Epoch is the date and time calculated relative to your computer's clock and timestamp. It is represented as (00:00:00).


Date Interval with Epoch Timestamp in PHP:


To calculate date interval using epoch timestamp in php, we take a variable birthday and assign a value to that variable.We will take one more variable gestation that will perform 36 week days calculation.






$birthday = 163727100;

$gestation = 36 * 7 * 86400; // 36 weeks

$whoopee_made = $birthday - $gestation;

echo “$whoopee_made”;




Above is the simple code to calculate date interval using epoch timestamp in PHP.


This simple article tells that how we can calculate date in epoch timestamp in PHP.



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