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Making Rooms for Improvement

by louiecunningham

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Homes can also evolve. When your living space becomes too small for your family or your needs, to adapt, you cannot help, but think change has to happen. If you are currently experiencing problems with space at home, it may be the right time to think about kicking off a home addition project

Home addition can mean increasing the square footage of an existing room or creating an entirely new one. The beauty of this project is the luxury of designing the project yourself, either by making up your own design or choosing among prefabricated room additions. Homeowners are advised to think cautiously before starting the project because it can be costly, and effects are long-term. Here are a few room additions to consider.

Bedroom Addition

Creating an extra bedroom is a fruitful decision. Other than increasing your home's size, the family will have a new room to stash belongings in or turn into a nursery. Do not get too carried away though as a 10x15 bedroom addition can cost anywhere from $7,500 to $22,500, depending on your selected layout's complexity. Simply go within your means.

Home Office Addition

If you are living in Cape Cod, there is a good chance your business is far from home. Even with public transportation systems, commute time is long enough to stress employees out. However, with a home office as a Cape Cod house addition, distance is eliminated. Get price quotes from contractors to determine how much you might spend for a project as this.

Sunroom Addition

For a more "green" approach, a sunroom Cape Cod addition is a good option. Sunrooms can help homeowners save on utility costs as they use natural light to illuminate rooms. Modern sunrooms also come with special insulation and ventilation systems to keep people comfortable.

Change is an inevitable part of life, so be capable of adapting to these changes. Consider starting a Cape Cod home addition project to make some changes that will do a world of good for the family or yourself. Log on to for valuable information and insights on home additions.

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