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Data Loss, Its Prevention, And Ways of Recovery

by anonymous

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The concept of data loss  is as old as computers. But the question is, why do we encounter data loss? The world of computers has revolutionized, but we haven't been able to rid ourselves of the loss of data. It is like a horrible nightmare! And, where is the revolution? Well, the revolution is in the fact, that the computers have become more sturdy. They do not lose data as quickly as they used to. Of course that doesn't mean that you should not take precautions at your end! In case you have been careless in handling your data or your computer, then data recovery becomes very difficult for you!

Listed here are some of the simplest precautions that a user must take to ensure chances of data loss are greatly reduced:
• A computer user must make sure that he/she does not save documents and the operating systems in the same drive. This ensures that of the operating system gets corrupt, or there is software failure, or a virus attack, your system would not lose its vital data.
• Another important step which a user must take is to ensure that all his files are backed up at another location. Also, for your highly vital data, you should take backup of the backup. After all, every system is prone to lose data, and even backups can fail. Another thing which a user can do to prevent loss of information is to keep a hard copy of the most significant files.
• A user must not open an attachment, without running a virus scan on it, even if it has been sent by the most trusted person. Also be careful about what you save, and where you save. There is always a possibility of data being overwritten.
• Hard disk maintenance is also very important. For this, one should occasionally run Disk Cleanup tool, Disk Defragmenter, and CHKDSK utility to remove unwanted files, reduce fragmentation, and to search and remove hard disk errors.

But having encountered data loss, one has to look for third-party data recovery software to get back all the crucial deleted data. These are special tools that apply complex algorithms to the hard drive, to recover all the data stored therein.
Stellar Information Systems Ltd., with a rich data recovery background has been providing software that reclaim lost and deleted files, and folders from the computer. Compatible with different operating systems, the data recovery software are designed to recoup data after any instance of data loss.

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