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Hypnotherapists Of High Calibre For Spiritual Empowerment

by miketyson

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Cutting across boundaries of birth and death, transcending the boundaries of the metaphysical, plenty of work of hypnotism and past life regression has repeatedly stressed upon the importance of hypnotherapy. In the ancient times, Vedas and Upanishads had been giving guidance to the learned men of Indian civilisation about the world that is related to spirituality, Vedic rituals, astrology, chakra, Reiki, and tantra.

In recent years, believers in such ancient cultures have started a scientific awareness and promotion of the techniques of Vedic rituals related to astronomy, face reading, clairvoyance, tantra veda, past life regression and hypnotherapy. As a major practitioner in this particular line of activity, Mr. Prakash Menon and Mr Praveen Saanker have initiated counselling in Chennai, to educate people interested in knowing about the science and logic behind the custom and rituals related to spirituality.

By starting such counselling in Chennai, Mr Praveen Saanker has brought into force, a new era of scientific awareness about spirituality that has already been mentioned in the Vedas, puranas and Upanishads and had been practised in the ancient days. Such efforts by them have been streamlined through the Divinity Academy in Chennai. Both these personalities, Mr Prakash Menon and Mr Praveen Saanker are accomplished hypnotherapists, with expertise in vedic sciences, metaphysics, past life regression, and psychic readings. It is because of the constant research and scientific quest for understanding the vedic sciences, rooted in the strong heritage and culture of ancient India, that they have understood the details of various therapies.

As hypnotherapists of repute in America and India, they have started, with a noble thought, the counselling in Chennai where thousands of people interested in hypnotherapy and its applications are being facilitated with spiritual empowerment. The aim is to propagate and spread the knowledge about spiritual logic and provide scientific and technological answers to various questions that come up in the minds of those who are seeking hypnotherapy in Chennai. For this aim, the Divinity Academy has been started, which provides a number of basic and advanced programs on topics such as Indian and Hindu scientific spirituality, advaita Vedanta, vedic astrology, vaastu shastra, medical astrology, yoga, palmistry, mantra and tantra and chakra systems.

Also, there are regular sessions being conducted by the hypnotherapists where further study is carried out while providing treatment options to people. Seminars and workshops are being designed to bring answers to the minds of students and interested people regarding various questions related to day to day life. It is true that hypnotherapists practising hypnotherapy in Chennai are highly knowledgeable and accomplished. But, it is there constant endeavour to find true applications of vedic practises in the modern context that has made them special.

Recognition of such talent has brought plenty of followers into the fold of hypnotherapy and other metaphysical beliefs, through the movement that has been founded by Mr Saanker along with his associates. With the aim that people in general will get answers to their doubts about hypnotherapy as a modern day science and these ancient rituals can be utilised to get rid of various physical and psychological ailments, a noble step has been put forward. Time is quite less before people start using such metaphysical forms of ancient art in their daily lives.

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