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How to Buy a Certified Pre-owned Toyota Vehicle

by timmyradloff

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The process of buying a used Toyota vehicle is just like buying a new one, only you need a pre-owned certificate to ensure the safety and quality of the automobile. Just because you’re opting for a used vehicle doesn’t mean you can cut corners when it comes to being meticulous. If anything, you should be more stringent when checking requirements. Below are a few tips to make your car purchase experience as smooth as possible.

#1 Find out the resale value

Just like any other new or used vehicle, it’s compulsory that you check the resale value of your preferred Toyota model. You can do this by going to established websites such as and Kelly Blue Book as they have pricing tools that generate a vehicle’s mileage, optional equipment, true value, and more. Determining these factors will help you decide if your choice will make for a good investment.

#2 Ensure that it’s certified by the manufacturer

No other person or company will certify your preferred Toyota vehicle other than its manufacturer. This is to guarantee that the certified pre-owned (CPO) car you’ve chosen has met the manufacturer’s set standards. It also gives you the advantage of having the car serviced at various Toyota branches nationwide.

#3 Ask for maintenance and vehicle repair history

Aside from the CPO certificate, you should also ask for the maintenance and vehicle repair records of the used Toyota Ottawa auto dealers offer. This is to guarantee that you’ll be sold a high-quality car free of interior and exterior defects. It’ll also serve as a valuable reference if you encounter car troubles in the future as you already have an idea of its history of repairs.

#4 Settle warranty issues with dealer

Another vital thing you need to check on the used Toyota Ottawa auto dealers offer is its warranty benefits. The remainder of the warranty should be updated, patented, and in writing so that the vehicle can be serviced immediately in case of vehicle malfunction. This is one of the most important things you have to sort out with your auto dealer so that you can get the most out of what you paid for.

It wouldn’t hurt to ask the dealers of a used Toyota RAV4 if they can throw in a little extra with your purchase. After all, a little incentive can go a long way. Visit for more information.

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