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Importance of playing online educational games

by anonymous

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With the advent of online games children now have access to playing online games along with video games. Many videos games have violence based games which in turn have bad effect on the kids and their psychology. Nowadays lots of websites have launched online educational games for kids of different age groups. These games are playing very important role in developing their interpersonal skills and teaching them a lot of important facts. There are many educational online games made for different age group levels. Based on their age child can play the game depending on his interest and mood. Every parent says that it is very difficult to engage their child in a good fruitful activity throughout the day for a longer time. With the introduction of these fun filled online games it is now possible to engage them for a longer time, which also teaches them some basic things like numbers, alphabets, basic shapes and colors.

Online educational games are often compared to video games as both make children addicted to them in less time. Whereas, many parents complain about their children getting addicted to video games and isolate themselves from others for hours playing it. These video games are generally based on some theme most of which are violent in nature. These war based or action based video games can have a bad effect on child’s mentality and eventually result into child becoming moody and violent in nature. Every parent should keep an eye on their child’s physical as well as mental well- being. It is in their parent’s hand to teach and guide them in their childhood.

Many websites have launched interesting and attractive online educational games for children with a learning motto. If parents want to spend some quality time with their child playing such games is one of the best ideas. Parents can teach the playing method and explain the instructions of the game to the child. They can motivate them to win the game and also explain to them the learning aspects of it. The best part of these educational games is that they are made using vibrant colors, sounds, and cartoon characters in it. All these are found to attract child of every age, hence interest is built in no time. Apart from the layout they are fun to play and are based or designed on some educational concept like calculating numbers in math, recognizing colors, fruits and shapes. In all playing good learning games either online or offline together is a wonderful way of spending time with children and understand their world.

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