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Employing SEO Tactics to Increase your Existence on the Web

by alanknott567

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A street, as the name suggests, in east London, goes by the name of Old Street. Running from Clerkenwell in the west to the crossroads, where it meets up with Shoreditch High Street, a bit further along, and culminating in Hackney Road in the London Borough of Hackney, Old Street is a lot longer than people first assume. Whilst most places are known for perhaps the particular architecture of a building, or the boutiques that have saturated the particular place because of the calibre of residents who reside in the area, Old Street is more known for its intersection; The Roundabout. Of course, we only capitalised for effect, but we think it works well in the circumstances. Found on the boundary of the London Borough of Islington and the London Borough of Hackney, the roundabout is known informally as Silicon Roundabout due to the abundance of British web-based companies with offices there. Taking its inspiration from Silicon Valley in California, an area that plays host to some of the world’s largest technology companies, there is a high number of web businesses located here. As recently as 2010, there were 85 startup companies listed in the vicinity.

Whilst the prominence of companies was kick-started in the boom, there are a range of genres operating in the area, but many with an online prescence. Several top games development firms call the area home, like Sports Interactive and, to name a few. With the advantage of working deep in the heart of the online world, not everyone is awarded this privilege, with many still struggling to cement an online presence. If you’re a bakery, for example, you certainly wouldn’t want someone coming in and telling you how to make bread, cupcakes or pastries. That’s your area of expertise. The same should be said about employing SEO tactics to increase your existence on the web; you’d call in an expert. And with so many SEO experts in London, it can be hard to pinpoint which one will be the perfect fit for you and your team. The only thing we can suggest, is the proof is in the pudding. We apologise, we couldn’t help a little pun.

Any SEO company, before you employ their services, will certainly need to be checked out. This can be done easily; all you need to do is a quick Google search of their clients. This is indeed what they do. You wouldn’t hire a chef without trying some of his dishes, would you? Whilst not all SEO companies operate in the Silicon Roundabout area, this is a strong place to start. With so many online platforms covered in this small area, you can almost guarantee a strong candidate to make more people aware of your lovely cakes.

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