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Five Ways to Save Money on Driving Burlington Used Cars

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Cars, by themselves, are already expensive. The last thing you need is to shell out additional cash due to damage from improper driving practices. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid this.


Go easy on your car’s weight.


Pack lightly, and pack only what you need. Too much additional weight can affect your car’s normal weight distribution, put pressure on your engine and tires, and, in effect, use up more gas than necessary. If you’re the type who travels frequently, you probably should invest in a larger, more powerful car, such as a pickup truck. Remove anything that increases drag, such as a rack; if you’re a truck driver, it’s probably best to keep that tailgate.


Inflate your tires well.


Under-inflated tires can increase drag and decrease fuel economy; conversely, you can avoid potentially dangerous emergency situations—such as tires suddenly blowing or coming off—with properly inflated tires. Take a look at the manufacturer specifications or the tire’s sidewall for the recommended tire pressure. Check tire pressure at least once a month, especially if you frequently drive in cold weather, since lower temperatures can cause your tires to lose pressure rapidly.


Maintain your vehicle.


Well-maintained vehicles not only give you a good driving experience; they also keep you from paying extra dollars at the gas station. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), you can increase your fuel economy by as much as 10 percent with a properly maintained car. Check your owner’s manual for the maintenance schedule, and schedule such with your nearest Burlington dealers accordingly.


Plan your route.


Do this based on the route length and the degree of traffic in Burlington. If there’s a shorter way to your destination, like to the car dealers in Burlington, find it. When you’re stuck in traffic, your car consumes fuel, even when it’s not moving. Watch the news or read the papers for information on traffic concentrations in your area.


Drive well.


To save gas money on cars like a Burlington Ford, learn to drive as smoothly as you can. Practice temperance on the road as well; drivers experiencing intense emotions are more likely to resort to certain practices—pushing the accelerator too hard, for instance—that can use up precious fuel.


Gas prices are beyond your control, but how well you know your car, how you treat it, and your attitude on the road, can make or break your gas budget. For more information on economical ways to drive Burlington used cars, read

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