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Food For Thought: Always A Public Relations Strategy

by prcrisis

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  • Yes there is a Public Relations strategy for high-profile divorces.  Media has wisely caught onto seemingly brilliant positioning for actress Katie Holmes.  As the NY Times wisely points out, she probably didn’t need to “One minute, she was carrying an ice cream cone for the child. The next, they were feeding animals at the Central Park Zoo.”
  • In a world where media is always watching and brands are built constantly, a smart celebrity is always worried about their brand.  There is no question that Katie Holmes and her PR Agency have done an excellent job in managing this process.
  • Couldn’t help but feel awful for the owners of Dragon Systems when reading this article. Small business owners and conglomerates think so differently – and I see it every day in my business.  Have a friend who hired one of the largest PR holding companies for a $10K a month retainer and was amazed when he couldn’t get a call back.  Of course it’s a lot of money for an independent PR Firm, but for multi-billion dollar companies those figures just aren’t in their lexicon…. No matter what they say when selling.

Food for thought. By  Ronn Torossian CEO of 5WPR

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