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Brief Introduction: Content Management Systems for Franchise

by matthewleanna

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Franchising is taking the business world by storm, enticing novice entrepreneurs to veer from risky business startups. There are roughly 900,000 franchise establishments in the United States, generating an estimated $850 billion in direct economic output according to the 2010 Franchise Business Economic Outlook report. If you're a franchise owner, there's a remote chance that you're already aware of how grueling marketing one can be.

Technically, franchisees are like siblings; they carry the same name and use the same business model and strategies created by their mother, which is the franchisor. But like in any family, sibling rivalry is inevitable. Franchisees have to go at it with each other to get customers, especially if they're in close proximity. The best way to break free from this sibling rivalry is through a well-organized internet marketing campaign.

Today, engaging in internet marketing is almost a requirement for any kind of business. Users might not take your company seriously if you're not on the web, as it shows an unwillingness to stay abreast with contemporary business practices. In addition, a website can make your business available 24/7, giving customers and prospects the impression that you can cater to their needs whenever needed.

Marketing a franchise on the Internet is like juggling live frogs. Several things should be observed like the fast creation of pages, the speed of updating each, and managing feedbacks. From the looks of it, only a tech-savvy marketer can achieve such a feat. However, even users with average computer knowledge can pull it off with an efficient content management system (CMS).

CMS is an essential tool for franchise internet marketing as it helps a franchise manage the content on its website. Its Web-based publishing features enable individuals to choose among templates and other tools to create or modify website content. There are various types of CMS available on the market, but each is designed to assist organizations like franchises and dealerships to control their brand standards. Some also allow revision control which enables users to track any changes made by individuals.

What's fascinating about CMS is that it allows authors or content managers to manage the creation, removal, and modification of web content without having basic knowledge of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). There's also no need to worry about creating discrepancies as the CMS will update "sibling" sites and the mother site in real time. CMS is certainly a potent tool for franchise internet marketing.

Today's franchise internet marketing demands are becoming more competitive and complex. Make sure to be equipped with an efficient CMS to meet these demands and thrive in your industry. Log on to for more in-depth information on CMS.

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