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Four Kinds of Police Equipment That Can Be Used by Ordinary

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Police equipment and gear is what police officers use to help get rid of culprits and criminals. However, what many ordinary citizens may not be aware of is that they too can own some of the same police gear. Much of this gear also has features and applications beyond law enforcement. Below are four of the top types of law enforcement equipment that ordinary citizens may find use for.


Mace and Pepper Spray

Mace and pepper spray were actually created by law enforcement to be used for eliminating the ability of possibly violent people to attack officers. If someone is sprayed with these substances, they will be visually impaired for a while, much of their movements will be restricted and they will be in some amount of pain, and be unable to stand much of a threat.


Mace and pepper spray are great for people that are not strong enough to physically defend themselves against violent individuals. If you feel your loved ones may at some point be attacked or injured, giving them a can of mace or pepper spray can give them with the means to protect their selves.


Surveillance Equipment

Many types of surveillance equipment have also been created for use by law enforcement. Ordinary citizens can also use the same police equipment to protect their homes and family members. For example, you can buy an alarm clock with a hidden camera inside. This is a good way to keep track of your children when they are being watched by other people – babysitters etc. If the children are being attacked, you will be alerted through the equipment and you can present the evidence to the police officers.



Tasers were designed as a way to bring down violent individuals without killing them. Many individuals understandably are not used to carrying a concealed firearm. Carrying a Taser with you instead of a firearm is one good alternative to defending yourself. Firing it on the criminal can certainly bring pain to the person and have them on their knees.


Police Holsters

If you have a licensed firearm which you carry around in public and you want to make sure you don't accidentally fire your gun because it could badly hurt yourself and others.

One solution to the problem is to buy a police holster that is of a very high quality. They are made to allow a police officer to both safely store a gun on their person and quickly get it when it is needed. They can do the same for the ordinary citizens. Violent criminals are also very unlikely to target an individual that has their handgun displayed on their hip.


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