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Best Seconds of joy

by anonymous

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We can't make our each day perfect but easy to make it good for yourself and for others too. This requires not more effort and labor. But we must to need some slow and amuse planning too. How we can feel better and how we can realize others to make it good and well. As it is not possible to change and convert each day in good to bad, or bad to good but we have all time choice. But mind it we have less choices either. Life not permitted us to make it wider with a lot of options and choices. It does all depend on our belief for destiny. As we think it is selected or we can't modify or alter this or we have with solid firm that we all carrying ability to change this with all blessings are surrounding us. So never let to go far our partner or associate who can be best part to learn and earn the destiny. We can bring more near to our close one by each sharing times and special days. Like muslins have many Islamic tradition days.hindu too clutching these types of times. And Christians also spoil this type of. We can share true feelings through Eid sms or other specific day name messages on cell phone. In this way we can share all wishes in less time with low cost and we can diverse our network too.

Ever we think how we can reach to others connection in less time easily and with no hurdle through sms messages on phone. We all are astonished on this sort of technology tactics. All men and woman desire for each type of glory,pride,joy and cherish moment that make them best feel when they are tens or not. About to The twentieth century, when technology highly developed speedily but accurate great quantity insulate in the rear, has been differentiate as an age of apprehension. Sanctified with textile commodities, many populaces not have for nothing, yet subterranean downhill they are dissatisfaction, overflowing with an indistinct, omnipresent wisdom of restlessness and bareness. Subsistence is unclearly enjoyable in its method and satisfying. But in its mode it is also a not interest. Day after day, the equivalent schedule.

A content human being is bodily beautiful, wealthy, powerful, like and valued by others, and commanding in the globe. Those are the community we notice on TV and in the journal. But if we seem to be a tiny added intensely at the life of these models of happiness, we observe that they are not in fact any happier than they have a break of us. So we can feel more delighted by someone ASCII SMS in form of sent message and association message. They have the same move violently and irritation that we perform, and their be alive also fall separately, just as ours act. Not matter what you think about all reading. As I feel each body have personal liking and gen of introduction of happy and lively moments.

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