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“Start thinking creatively about your workforce because the standard rules no longer exist,” advises Shamis. “Consider alternatives to traditional employment because the traditional 40- hour-a-week employee will eventually vanish from the landscape.”

Your staffing partner can help you weigh the alternatives. As staffing specialists, we are intimately involved with the dynamics of today’s workplace. We understand the recruiting challenges you face and your need for top performers. Every day we help companies find the right people—for short-term assignments, long-term projects, and full-time needs. We have the experience to help you design and execute an appropriate staffing system for your business.

 We can help you:

· Manage the uncertainty of growth.· Reduce overhead.   · Minimize growing pains. · Decrease employment costs. · Increase focus on your business and your company’s vision. · Reduce risk of bad hires and legal issues.

Build your staffing system upon objective, performance-based criteria.

• Global competition for customers and employees will be the biggest issue facing organizations in the coming year.

• The importance of people as a source of competitive advantage is intensifying—with decreasing numbers of skilled workers.  · Employees continue to feel less firm loyalty.

• Firms need to be more flexible in responding to the fast pace of change, and HR functions need to become better at delivering results.  

The 1999 Human Resource Planning Society’s State-of-the-Art and Practice Report Your organization’s ability to hire, develop, and retain employees may be the single most critical determinant of your success in the next two decades. The current labor crunch is not projected to end any time soon.

According to Nancy Ahlrichs, Director of Organizational Evolution for ONEX, Inc., “Based on demographic trends, the supply of labor will not exceed demand again until the year 2020.” To assure your long-term success, your organization must devise a way to fulfill its personnel needs. The solution: a well thought out staffing system.


To improve the quality of employees at all levels of an organization, staffing must be a strategic priority. “The [executive team] of an entrepreneurial firm has two basic jobs,” says Barry Shamis, Managing Partner of Selecting

Winners, Inc., “to set the vision and strategy and to hire the people to achieve them. Therefore, [senior management] needs to drive the implementation of a staffing system and hold people accountable for results.”

A staffing system, or a staffing plan, is a template, a model and a process for those who recruit, screen, interview, and hire new employees. When properly designed and implemented, it leads people through the hiring  process from start to finish, telling them what steps to take, what order to take them in, and what needs to be accomplished with each step.  A staffing system standardizes personnel practices, assures that everyone in the company is consistent in hiring policies, and thereby becomes a formula for removing some of the risk and uncertainty from the process. “Without  a staffing system, you might as well roll the dice and take your chances,” says Shamis.

An effective staffing system consists of five essential steps:

1. Painting a picture of the ideal candidate

2. Developing a cadre of qualified candidates

3. Screening the candidates

4. Interviewing and checking references

5. Making the hiring decision

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