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Digital PR: Is Not Having a Mobile Site Hurting You ?

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By: Nealy Mincher

iPhone or Android, Sprint or T-Mobile, smartphones are the way of communication these days. For me personally, my iPhone pretty much doesn’t leave my site, err, sight. I use it for everything – reading blogs, searching questions, downloading music, connecting on Facebook and even browsing through my favorite brand’s mobile site, if they have one that is.

Not only is it more important than ever to have a mobile site for your company and clients, but PCMag shared a recent smartphone user study by Nielsen determining “that nearly half of U.S consumers own a smartphone, and more and more are turning to their phones to solve the problem of the moment.” As of March, Nielsen discovered that 50.4 percent of all mobile subscribers owned a smartphone. This helps to prove that mobile sites are truly a necessity when it comes to online marketing.

Here, take an example of a brand using their mobile site correctly. The brand? Kraft Cheese.

Recently claiming the Best Mobile Website” award at the MobileWebAwards this year, Kraft’s Make Something Amazing mobile site was a clear example of using a mobile site to the brand’s advantage. The mobile site was created to “to spark conversations and creativity among the brand’s audience of digitally savvy moms. The website was optimized for moms using mobile devices on the go and in the kitchen,” reports 360i Digital Connections. It did so by creating an easily navigable site for mobile users, it’s both visually appealing and fun to use and it clearly connects with the targeted market that’s already a huge online market as it is – our dear old moms.

Here’s another example of a visually appealing, easily navigable site (it’s from yours truly, of course):

So you see, mobile sites aren’t just an add-on because “everyone else and their mom are doing it.” No. Mobile websites work and when created strategically and interactively like Kraft Cheese’s Make Something Amazing, it can assist your online efforts and bring about much-wanted, quantifiable results.

See how mobile social networks also continue to shape the community of the future.

If your company or your clients haven’t created a mobile site yet, they’re missing out on a ton of opportunities. If you’re interested in taking your site mobile, see the capabilities we have at Agency Entourage, an award-winning, Dallas-based digital marketing agency, that can help you.

Has your company’s website gone mobile? If so, what type of results have you seen? Let’s discuss in the comments below!


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