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Comedy bang of life

by anonymous

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We have so many comic characters in life. That we like to keep them nearby us. It makes us fresher and livelier whenever we get bore and some irritating moments. They can be in form of actors. Maybe in sort of cartoon types too. It all makes more imagination but belong to more real stories in life. What exactly the definition of cartoon or animated types of models we can say.

A shift or active photo or image, that circulate on television film consisting of a photographed chain of many more drawing,sketches,pictures,stuff, or computer graphics. That all come into cumulative stream and replicate motion by demo very slender, slim, unbroken adjust in the images, frame by frame. So in the same sense, as we forward many messages to friends. Some type of models based on comic purpose also much familiar in mobile tech world. Like Santa Banta SMS and others famous personalities like mr.been. So not only on sms we can move forward many this type of lines on online chat too. We can decorate our chat room through laughter and smiling bubbles. It depends how much type of friends we are carrying in our circle or loop. For getting more fun we like to add well and cherish kind. If we are having some serious and grave mood so we like to have all time this type of gen.

maybe in other hand surprisingly we have in list some jolly friend that can change our mood with good and cherish jokes. We can see history of this online box. That was getting start in 1980.when all intelligent and smart minds were gathered on the table. And they gave new latest and wonderful stream to internet world. That was just the starting. After wards many more new and latest features were introduced in the field of information technology. Not only features but they add many unique and exclusive mind and brains too. They added marvelous efforts for making user more delighted too. As they run a lot for assigning latest information too. Internet turns the mode of comedy. Where we can only see and read it. But in this world it is more then this. We can view, add, speack, write, read, edit and share easily each moment. Whatever it concerns to comedy line or some real and serious note. Have you yet seen the supernatural trick where a juggler pulls a rabbit out of his hat? What if you saw a juggler draw a rabbit out of his hat two times in a string and the next turn comes when, he drags out a fiasco!

Do you reflect that would be stupid or comical? That is brand of how jesting plant. Not in the view, we can share it too by Send Free SMS to others. We think we are familiar and known with how something will occur and surprisingly happen. And then the unforeseen happens in a stupid means. That we can just imagine sometime.

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