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Teenagers And Body Piercing

by jeffreyhorton

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I am a mother of a teenage boy. I know what you must be thinking. Yes, it is difficult for us to understand them and making them listen to us. Like all you mothers out there I am also dealing with mood swings, new dressing styles and yes, new choices of careers every day. But it is all fun. These days are not going to come back.

Everyday some new conflict arises and being a parent I have to be acquiescent. The latest topic in our house is about body piercing jewellery. He wants to get his lips pierced with a metal stud. It is not that I am against piercing or something. I myself have got my ears and nose pierced and am planning to get my navel pierced in some time with Body Piercing Jewellery Australia.


I personally feel that body piercing is like a surgical process and one should take proper care and rest after piercing. For a school going kid it can be sometime threatening as boys do end up fighting on small things and one blow on the newly pierced area could be harmful. Other than that one can hurt himself while playing sports or doing any other gymnastics activity.

But reasoning these things with an adamant teenager is difficult. I have shared my views with him and now his father is dealing with his new perceptions. He’s got this idea of Wholesale Body Jewellery and wants to start with lip piercing.

Eventually he is going to be an adult and will do whatever suits him. Till then we have to deal with the new ideas and keep contemplating with him.

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