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Why is the use of log cabin kits obsolete?

by anonymous

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Log cabin kits were invented ostensibly to reduce the cost of setting up log cabins. However, if you buy one of these kits you will end up spending even more money than you intended to. The main reason why log cabin kits are cheaply available is because most manufacturers will deliver incomplete packages. For instance, many will not include the required fixtures and wirings, and which you will have to source for independently. Consequently, you won't realize any of the savings that you had anticipated.


Blue Ridge Log Cabins does not rely on such kits to make its cabins affordable. Instead we build modular log cabins in our factory and then supply the complete structures to our customers. Our modular log cabins are cheaper and of higher worth because they are built in a controlled setting where their quality is monitored and they are not affected by the weather. You can learn more about us at

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