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Tim Nelson MAP Houston on adaptability as the no.1 secret to

by SamuelLanghorne

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The workplace is a complex environment in that people use different tactics to climb up the success ladder. The most employed tactic involves working hard, putting in long hours, gaining more expertise, and increasingly getting better at what you do. Tim Nelson MAP Houston observes that this tactic is an erroneous Darwinism-based assumption and which is commonly phrased as “survival for the fittest” or “only the strong survive”. Many people are indeed extremely hard workers and yet several years down the line they are still stagnated at the same positions while others have moved up.

The tried-and-tested tactic to success, not only in the workplace but also in life, is adaptability. The workplace is a dynamic fast-changing environment and only those who can change and adapt to the resulting onslaught will survive. Tim Nelson MAP Houston offers a fine illustration on adaptability based on the same misunderstood Darwinism theory. At one time dinosaurs were the most powerful creatures on Mother Earth. However, when the earth started changing, the dinosaurs with all their might (which was focused for that particular environment) could not adapt to the transformation. They were as such swept away with the change but the little creatures that could adapt exist and thrive up to now.

Nonetheless, Tim Nelson MAP Houston asserts that power, strength and intelligence still have their place especially when times and things are somewhat stable. When conditions are not changing and there is a blueprint that people can use to excel, it is those who have the strength to do it who will rise to the top.

The world is changing fast and this transformation is being fuelled by technology. Currently, it is difficult to predict what technology will be in use in just a few years to come. Not all technologies become quickly adapted into the consumer market but as Tim Nelson MAP Houston intimates, those that do so go ahead to become standards which we are all sooner or later expected to be conversant and proficient with. A perfect example of such technology has to be the iPad and which has totally redefined how people work in certain diverse fields.


The buck nonetheless does not stop with the improvement of technology; there are other strong factors that also cause dynamism in the workplace. According to Tim Nelson MAP Houstonthese include changes in financial, political and agricultural systems, and even entire economies. Considering the fact that even the biggest of multinational companies have no control over such developments, then what about the average Joe in the workplace? In short, Joe needs to be adaptable and to train his mind to be comfortable with the change, or even better, embrace the change. It should not be your business to know where the world is going (stock markets, for example, carry a high degree of losing out); what you need is to be creative enough to discover your new niche and value proposition.


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