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Miramonte School Sex Crime Case Brings Comment from Lawyer

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The sex crime cases at Miramonte School in Los Angeles will likely bring forth more lawsuits, claims the lawyer who is currently representing three students and anticipates filing suit on behalf of at least four more. According to the lawyer, he believes that there are many more victims and that parents have been hesitant to contact police in the largely immigrant community. The case will undoubtedly serve as a model of what not to do for school districts in Chicago and the rest of the country.


The alleged sex crime cases at the school drew nationwide attention when it was revealed after a year-long investigation that one of the teachers had bondage-style photos of several students, including ones in which large cockroaches had been placed on students’ faces and others with spoons held up to students’ faces. The spoons, it was later determined, contained semen.


In another sex crime investigation, a teacher at the same school was charged with committing lewd acts on an individual child in 2009. This case was unrelated to the bondage case in which the photographs were discovered.


The revelation that any sort of sex crime was taking place at the school has, of course, sparked public outrage, especially among parents who have demanded an extensive investigation of everyone at the school. In addition, lawsuits have been filed against the principal, the school district, and the teachers in question.


As heinous as these allegations are, and as much as it is natural to want to seek retribution on behalf of those children who were traumatized and abused, the fact remains that each of the defendants in these sex crime cases is entitled to adequate legal representation. Though the Miramonte School case seems to be an open and shut instance, often people are accused of a sex crime in circumstances that are not nearly so cut and dried.


In many instances, all it takes for someone to be removed from employment or to be charged with a sex crime is an allegation from a disgruntled employee, parent, or adolescent. When a false accusation is made, it is assuring to know that everyone accused has the ability to offer a defense with the help of an experienced and knowledgeable Chciago sex crime lawyer.


If you have been accused of a sex crime in the Chicago area, you owe it to yourself, your reputation, and your family to retain expert legal help from a qualified Chicago sex crime lawyer. With a competent sex crime lawyer in Chicago at your side, you can defend yourself against such a horrible charge. Your lawyer will help to protect your rights and your reputation.


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